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setup::build_scripts_wammu Class Reference

Inherits distutils::command::build_scripts::build_scripts.

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Detailed Description

This is mostly distutils copy, it just renames script according
to platform (.pyw for Windows, without extension for others)

Definition at line 94 of file setup.py.

Public Member Functions

def copy_scripts

Static Public Attributes

string author = "Michal Čihař"
string author_email = "michal@cihar.com"
list classifiers
dictionary cmdclass
list data_files
string description = "Wammu"
string license = "GPL"
string long_description = "Phone manager built on top of python-gammu. Supports many phones."
string maintainer = "Michal Čihař"
string maintainer_email = "michal@cihar.com"
dictionary options
list packages = ['Wammu', 'Wammu.wxcomp']
list scripts = ['wammu.py']
string url = "http://cihar.com/gammu/wammu"
 version = Wammu.__version__,
list windows
string zipfile = "shared.lib"

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