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Wammu::Main::WammuFrame Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Create a new frame class, derived from the wxPython Frame.

Definition at line 132 of file Main.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def About
def ActivateView
def Backup
def BackupSMS
def ChangeBrowser
def ChangeView
def ClearSearch
def CloseLogWindow
def CloseWindow
def ComposeMessage
def DoBackup
def DoDebug
def Donate
def EditCalendar
def EditContact
def EditTodo
def GetCallsType
def GetContactsType
def HandleGammuError
def Import
def ImportSMS
def InitConfiguration
def LogClose
def MigrateConfiguration
def NewCalendar
def NewContact
def NewMessage
def NewTodo
def OnBackup
def OnCall
def OnData
def OnDelete
def OnDuplicate
def OnEdit
def OnException
def OnLink
def OnMessage
def OnProgress
def OnReply
def OnSearch
def OnSend
def OnShow
def OnShowMessage
def OnTaskBarClose
def OnTaskBarLeftClick
def OnTaskBarMinimize
def OnTaskBarRestore
def OnTaskBarRightClick
def OnTimer
def OnTreeSel
def PhoneConnect
def PhoneDB
def PhoneDisconnect
def PostInit
def PrepareBackup
def ReadBackup
def ReadData
def ReadSMSData
def ReportBug
def SaveLog
def SaveWinSize
def SearchDone
def SearchMessage
def SearchPhone
def SelectBackupFile
def SendFile
def Settings
def SetupNumberPrefix
def SetupStatusRefresh
def SetupTrayIcon
def ShowCalendar
def ShowCalls
def ShowCalls2
def ShowCalls3
def ShowContacts
def ShowContacts2
def ShowContactsME
def ShowContactsSM
def ShowData
def ShowError
def ShowInfo
def ShowMessages
def ShowProgress
def ShowTodos
def SMSToMails
def Support
def SyncTime
def Talkback
def TalkbackCheck
def TogglePhoneMenus
def Website
def WriteBackup
def WriteData
def WriteSMSData

Public Attributes


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